Chili Favors

Every year on Boss's Day, our group has it's annual Chili Cook-off. This is my 2nd Boss's Day celebration and 1st time entry in the Chili competition. I also volunteered to help with preparations and my first job was to think of a creative way to package the prizes and favors. The favors for contestants are 2 little jars of hot sauces and the 1st and 2nd place winners get gift certificates to Chili's. Here's what I came up with -- I thought they were pretty cute :)

I was given red cellophane bags w/twist ties, tissue paper, and a bunch of balloon ribbons. The cellophane bags were really boring to me and with just the hot sauces sitting in them, looked really cheap. So I took yellow and green ribbons and cut them into 2ft long sections and made them all curly. I dropped a few ribbon sections of both colors into the bag with the favors and pulled out 3 strands for overhang as I twist tied the bags. Then I curled the ends of the overhanging ribbons. For the 1st and 2nd place prizes, I taped a popsicle stick to the gift card envelopes and stuck them on top of the bag -- so it looks like they're growing out of it.

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