Pate Brisee

3.75 c All-Purpose Flour
2.5 tsp Salt
1.2 tsp Sugar
3 sticks Butter (unsalted, cold, diced)
.5 c+ Iced Water
*mix dry ingredients and cut in butter. stream in .5 c iced water plus add'l in tbsps. dough should be like "good dirt". shape & chill in fridge at least 1 hr or overnight.
**enough dough for 15"x10" pie

So happy! I made the dough by hand with the help of a pastry blender. At first I planned to use an electric hand mixer when it came time to add the water. As I put the whisk attachments on the mixer and plugged it in, I decided to just use my hands. When I first started adding the water, I had my doubts but I just kept folding the dry mixture and about a minute later the dough began to take it's shape :) After that I added the rest of the water and kneaded the dough for another 10 minutes or so on the counter. Now I just have to refridgerate it over night and it'll be ready for use tomorrow. Only got to use 1 of my nifty cooking tools but I love it already -- 23.5"x15.5" silicone baking mat. I've always hated having to roll out dough on the counter directly because in the back of my head I always doubt that I'v cleaned it enough (i know: paranoia). This thing is HUGE!! I love that I can wash it with peace of mind and as often as I like.

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