J&M Cheese Straws

These are not my idea of "cheese straws". I think of cheese straws as puffy breads but these were tasty nonetheless! They made from only all natural ingredients and I was hungry when I spotted these so I couldn't resist!

First the Original flavor - these were like a sophisticated grown-up cheese nips. I was never a fan of nips because of the dry cracker texture but these have a crumbly texture that melts in your mouth. They also leave a nice spicy after note too! I ate these plain and did not try it with chocolate (as suggested on the box).

Of the two, I preferred the flavor of the Asiago ones. It's got asaigo cheese and rosemary baked into them and I love rosemary! These were more crumbly than the original (I'm guessing because of the rosemary in the batter) and were non-spicy.

They've got a whole line of these in different flavors and I'd like to try the Bleu Cheese ones next. I wouldn't say these are a go-to snack for me, but I love giving any kind of food a try at least once.

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