Rainbow Sushi

This is my favorite sushi rolls - The Rrrreinbo Roll!!!! At least that's how the Sushi Master says it when he hands it to me - haha! It's simply a California Roll topped with Salmon, Tuna and Yellowtail (other places use Hamachi or Guacamole on top too). I get this as take-out sometimes when I'm lazy to cook and just pick it up on my way home.

One of my favorite sushi restaurants to go to is Royal Tokyo Sushi Den in Addison! It's tucked away in a strip of a shopping center and you would never think to look for it there. I love this place! It's quiet, they have modern asian decor that is warm rather than stark, the sushi masters are acutally Japanese and they appreciate when you buy them a round of Kirin as they make your order. It's a great place!

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Anonymous said...

Those look delicious! Did you make them and what type of fish did you use?