Cherry Slab Pie

Pate Brisee (prepare 1 day ahead)
6 c (2 lbs) frozen cherries 1.25 c sugar
.25 c cornstarch
.25 tsp salt
juice of 1 lemon
2 tbsp heavy cream
.25 c sanding sugar (for sparkle)
*375 degree oven. mix all ingredients except pate brisee. roll larger piece of pate brisee to 18"x13" rectangle (enough to hang over rim) and place on baking sheet. pour cheery mixture on top. roll 2nd piece of pate brisee into 16"x11" rectangle and place on top. fold bottom crust up and pinch with top crust. prick all over with fork. optional: brush top with heavy cream and sprinkle with sanding sugar. bake for 40-55min (top should be golden brown and filling bubbling). cool for 45 min before serving.
**15"x10" slab pie

It turned out so pretty and it smells so good! Several mishaps happened along the way, and I've learned from it so all is well. I didn't roll out the bottom crust large enough to hang over the sides of the rim so I had to do some creative side pinching. Unfortunately, that didn't really work as you can see. The filling found it's way out of the crust -- but it's still tasty :) I almost forgot to prick the top crust but I was nosy enough to check the pie 5 min after sticking it in the oven to see a ginormous bubble dome in the middle of the oven. So I had to attack it to deflate it -- haha!

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